LED Light Therapy

LED treatments target skin clearing, skin tone correction, redness reduction and signs of ageing to give you more radiant, beautiful and younger looking skin. LED Light Therapy Facials all include a full cleanse, exfoliation, tone and application of an accelerate concentrate and crème to effectively target your specific skin concerns. We use the bt-Ceuticals™ by Bio-Therapeutic™ skincare range - advanced technology accelerate skincare specifically designed for professional results and tailored to optimise your LED treatment. Targets specific skin concerns utilizing different wavelengths or LED (Light Emitting Diodes), supports a different function of the skin and benefits all skin types. Chromatic Serum contains acetyl dipeptide, an anti-inflammatory, and works to hydrate and firm the skin. Also contains an anti stress component which reduces heat, stinging and desensitises reactive skin types. Green Tea is included as an antioxidant, and lavender to soothe and calm.
Stand alone treatment $39
Include Facial $129
Added to another treatment $39